Mystical fire dance is proven as a popular highlight of the evening program of any social event. My experience with fire dance is nearly ten years! and ranges from street shows, family events, noble parties, casino events to commercial video shooting. I have traveled many countries performing fireshow, working with different fire dance and circus groups.

Quite often I prepare custom show for concrete event. I like to choose costume and music that suites to event atmosphere. Fairy tale look for kids audience, while more sexi and stylish for elegant parties.

My performance can be one act or divided into more small acts. During years I have learned to dance with many different fire props: burning poi, fire ropes, dragon staff, fire fans, hula hoops, leviwand… thus I am able to make solo show up to 15-17minutes.  Also, it is possible to make more acts during one night.

Finale grande is always very important part of the show. If technical conditions allows it, I prefer to use pyroeffects. In my show, safety and cleanliness comes first. For preparation, I need small space to change costume and space to prepare my fire gear.

If you have any further questions about the show, don’t hesitate to ask me:)

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