Aerial acrobatics is popular part of many events, clubs, theater shows etc.

Lollipop Aerial Hoop

Lollipop hoop Aerial acrobatics is a very popular element in the program on all events. Often, however, there is no hanging point at the event venue. Just for that, we offer you a unique variation of the aerial hoop on the poledance stage. Now you can please your guests with an acrobatic experience in every room, it is enough to have a ceiling height of at least 3.5 meters!

Aerial Hammock Silk

Aerial hammock is a type of aerial acrobatics on fabric which is hung as a single piece, folded to make a loop, classified as hammock silks. Dancer on hammock uses the fabric to wrap, suspend, swing, and spiral her body into and out of various elegant positions.

Aerial acrobatics is popular in many types of events. In my show I can combine aerial dance with another dance to create perfect match for your event.

Fire Aerial Hoop

Combination of two elements – fire and air. Strong sensual experience for audience. Unique show that can be done in both interior and exterior.

Would you like to have this performance as part of your event?

Please let me know! Just inform me about estimated date and venue of the event, or any special requirements. Looking forward to cooperate.